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Support us in delivering local actions with global impact

Wilder Carbon is advocating for massive native habitat restoration across the UK to fight both the Climate and Nature Crises.

We are developing this advocacy by modelling how much carbon native habitat restoration across the UK could lock up with the right Government backing.

This is a critical year for climate and wildlife with intergovernmental meetings taking place on both subjects, culminating with the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) in Glasgow in November.

Wilder Carbon delivers against multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a universal call to action to protect the planet. Support us in delivering local actions with global impact.

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    SDG 11
    Sustainable Communities  

    Carbon+ projects promote sustainable approaches to tackling climate change alongside multiple benefits. Wilder Carbon will help communities become more sustainable. 

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    SDG 13
    Climate action 

    Carbon+ projects through Wilder Carbon presents a real, tangible, local contribution to climate change through increased carbon storage and sequestration and creates more resilient landscapes.

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    SDG 14
    Life below water

    We are understanding more about the importance of marine habitats in storing carbon constantly. Wilder Carbon R&D projects will build towards a fully-fledged ‘blue’ carbon offer that restores our SeaLife. 

  • Icon showing a tree and birds representing life on land
    Life on Land

    Wilder Carbon projects are fundamentally about the restoration of native habitats and natural processes at scales which allow life on land – biodiversity and bio abundance–to recover while also sequestering and storing carbon.