Neil Mark Thomas

Fight the Crises, Invest in Nature

The climate and nature crises are the most urgent challenges of our time.

We must take immediate action and go beyond tree planting.

Tree planting gets all the attention, yet there are many other native habitats that when restored, capture carbon whilst providing greater benefits to wildlife and local communities.

Large-scale restoration of native habitats across the UK will create wildlife-rich, climate-resilient landscapes that lock up carbon paving the way for nature’s recovery.

The time has come to get Wilder about Carbon.

The nature crisis is as critical as the climate crisis. One exacerbates the other. Both need to be tackled at once. Act now by investing in us to make the UK wilder for people and for wildlife, locking up carbon for future generations. This is the green recovery we need.

Why work with us?

Our trusted deliverers are respected for protecting nature across the UK.   

They have a proven track record of safeguarding local wildlife habitats and locking up carbon as well as working with businesses.  

We have developed a Carbon Habitat Tool that reliably calculates the amount of carbon that can be locked up in any given landscape.  

We can convert your residual organisational carbon emissions into a premium quality, ethical investment in local nature restoration. 

We are establishing a cross-sectoral group of independent experts to write the Wilder Carbon Standard in the first half of 2021. These will be structured around a set of Guiding Principles, which underpin our pilot projects. 

We can also advise you on the potential level of carbon and wildlife gain that restoring your land might achieve and the benefits this could deliver for your organisation. 

Trusted Deliverers