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The Wilder Carbon Mission

Our mission is to restore and protect nature on a massive scale in the UK, to tackle some of the world’s biggest threats. Our not-for-profit operating model uses carbon finance from UK businesses who want to take meaningful voluntary action to meet their net zero ambition, to restore carbon rich native habitats across the UK for climate, for wildlife, and for society whilst delivering genuine, conservation grade, nature based carbon removal.

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Meet the Wilder Carbon Ltd Board

Established in March 2021, Wilder Carbon Ltd is led by a voluntary Board which oversees the effective and efficient running of the business, that provides the operational mechanisms supporting the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate.

The Board safeguards the ongoing viability of the business, ensuring it fulfils its not-for-profit operating status whilst establishing the necessary income to continuously improve and develop the Wilder Carbon mechanism for deployment at scale in order to achieve its goals.

The Wilder Carbon Technical Standards Board act as guardians of the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate to ensure that it is being properly applied, and that it reflects international, emerging high integrity mechanisms.

  • Matt Prescott

    Sustainability and climate strategy, and programme implementation. 

    Responsible for setting Net Zero strategy and implementing decarbonisation and carbon removal programmes


  • Evan Bowen-Jones

    Evan Bowen-Jones

    International conservationist encompassing implementation of species and landscape-level conservation projects; analysis of international policy; and working with NGOs, governments and Corporates. KWTG Chief Executive and Wilder Carbon Founder/Managing Director.

  • Chris West

    Wide-ranging management experience, knowledge of the philanthropic sector, and significant links with businesses, investors and governmental agencies seeking to protect and manage the environment.

  • Dominic Buscall

    Founder of Wild Ken Hill, a pioneering nature recovery and sustainable farming project in Norfolk, UK. Dominic is also a Trustee of the British Trust for Ornithology, and sits on The Country Land & Business Association’s Environment Committee.

  • Charles Tassel

    Farmer, Director of the Kent County Agricultural Society, Vice Chairman of the Kent CLA committee and Chairman of the Kent committee of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution.

Wilder Carbon Limited hosts the Secretariat for the governance of the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate which includes the standard, and certification of projects in order to oversee the assurance in practice.

Wilder Carbon operations cover the due diligence of Wilder Carbon Approved Buyers and oversight of the multi-decadal delivery of the projects.

Kent Wildlife Trust is responsible for the management of the registry operating with an ethical wall in place between the parent company and WCL subsidiary to ensure robust governance, security and compliance. WCL Board nominates a registry representative to oversee this. ​

  • Independent Governance for the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate

    To assure robust application of the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate, it is independently governed by the Technical Standards Board.

    Furthermore, each Wilder Carbon Project undergoes Independent and accredited validation and verification from Soil Association Certification.

    To support this, we have a broad range of Advisory Boards who advise and propose specific and detailed improvements to the Technical Standards Board. ​

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Speak to our Delivery Team

Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

  • Evan Bowen-Jones
    Evan Bowen Jones
    Founder / Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Paul Hadaway
    Director of Conservation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Programme Director
  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson
    Head of Nature Markets
  • Robbie Still
    Robbie Still
    Head of Digital Development
  • Helen Gillespie-Brown
    Business Development Manager

Wilder Carbon Ltd Governance and Policies