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Carbon + Habitat Tool

Multi-habitat natural capital assessment

The Carbon + Habitat Tool is a cutting-edge resource designed to assess the potential impact of land-use changes or habitat restoration projects in terms of carbon sequestration, carbon emissions reductions, and biodiversity. It covers a wide range of terrestrial habitat types where we can reliably predict the 'lock up' of carbon. 

This tool can measure Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in addition to carbon. It calculates BNG using the DEFRA Metric, which will soon be updated to use the Statutory Metric, as well as using the Wilder Carbon Biodiversity Uplift, a biodiversity metric developed by Wilder Carbon by adapting the BNG Metric.

It can quantify the nature and carbon benefits of new schemes as part of a Carbon + mitigation hierarchy and can be integrated with other nature-based solutions. Additionally, it can assess projects where carbon finance can be matched with other potential income streams. 

The Carbon + Habitat Tool is also the recommended tool for developing Wilder Carbon projects. 

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    Wilder Carbon Trusted Deliverers

    Wilder Carbon Trusted Deliverers are respected for protecting nature across the UK. They have a proven track record of safeguarding land for local wildlife, locking up carbon and working with businesses. Trusted Deliverers can access full free license of the C+HT to develop projects on land they own.

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    Wilder Carbon Project Developers

    Wilder Carbon Project Developers have undertaken training to be certified in the design and delivery of Wilder Carbon projects for landowners. Contact the Wilder Carbon Team to find a Wilder Carbon project Developer.

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  • C+Habitat Tool Commercial License

    Eligible project developers can apply for a full license of the C+Habitat Tool once certified as a Wilder Carbon project developer, to support landowners in developing Wilder Carbon projects.

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Our Project Portfolio includes both Delivery Projects where good carbon data is available, and Research and Development Projects where this data standard cannot yet be met.

The most obvious example of this are marine projects which are a massive untapped opportunity but require significant additional research.

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Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

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    Founder / Managing Director
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