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Wilder Carbon is different from traditional offset mechanisms.

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Evan Bowen-Jones

We offer premium emissions reductions and removals units to approved buyers. These are generated from projects delivered by Trusted Deliverers who have a track record of safeguarding land here in the UK for the long-term.

The carbon that a project will lock up is estimated using the recommended Carbon + Habitat Tool which generates a conservative minimum estimate from the best available data. This enables us to work across a full range of UK carbon rich native habitats. This is what makes Wilder Carbon uniquely scalable.

red cliffs and coastline
Red Zeppelin

Projects are externally verified to ensure they meet the Wilder Carbon Standards as well as their carbon credit and biodiversity uplift targets.

Approved Buyer status will be granted to companies who meet the Wilder Carbon Standards by demonstrating best practice around their emissions reduction strategy. 

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Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

  • Evan Bowen-Jones
    Evan Bowen Jones
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Paul Hadaway
    Director of Conservation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Sarah Brownlie
    Project Manager