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Darenth Valley - Kent Wildlife Trust

Heather Corrie Vale

Heather Corrie Vale is located in the Darenth Valley, which is an extremely valuable part of the Nature Recovery Network, recognised by all the conservation organisations in the area. The site is a recently abandoned golf course which will be managed through natural processes in order to sequester greater levels of soil and above ground carbon, and significant improvements for biodiversity, creating a haven for wildlife.

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Our Wilder Carbon projects achieve a multitude of added benefits alongside carbon sequestration and reduction. We pick three unique features of each project to highlight the co benefits of the projects.

Heather Corrie Vale is a key part of the connectivity seeking to be achieved through the Nature Recovery Network and will reach its project goals through a naturally regenerative approach, including a wilder approach to grazing.

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Heather Corrie Vale habitat transition
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    Tom Rickhuss
    Long term vision for Heather Corrie Vale

    To create a site that is managed through natural processes in order to sequester greater levels of soil and above ground carbon, whilst demonstrating significant biodiversity gains. 

    The site will be predominantly wood pasture with successional scrub and mix woodland. Water features, such as ponds, will be fully established and serve as water sources for grazing animals, but also as important habitats for wildlife.

  • People walking through woodlands
    Underlying Management Priciples

    Natural regeneration will be the primary delivery mechanism unless demonstrably unfeasible.   

    The management of the site will allow and accept ecological dynamism and will involve restoration or enhancement of eligible habitat types. 

    The detailed Management Plan for Heather Corrie Vale can be viewed below.

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Calculating our Estimated Issuance Units

The implementation of low intensity wilder grazing management across the site with native cattle will see the site naturally managed to ensure c. 60% broad-leaved woodland cover, 30% scrub and 10% grassland to allow maximum carbon sequestration whilst still ensuring biodiversity gains are realized. Careful monitoring will ensure that succession of improved grasslands through to scrub and secondary woodland is being achieved. 

We apply a generous buffer and use the best available data, calculating a minimum defensible estimate over the 50 year duration of the project.


We’re particularly proud that the second pathfinder for Wilder Carbon is in Kent. A 50ha former golf course which is being wilded into wood pasture. Both Honeygar and Heather Corrie Vale demonstrate the fundamental premise of Wilder Carbon – that ethical carbon investments can enable habitat restoration at a landscape scale in a virtuous circle tackling both the climate and nature crises”
Paul Hadaway

Paul Hadaway Director of Conservation, Kent Wildlife Trust

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