The Wilder Carbon Standard


Wilder Carbon is developing as the mechanism for locking up additional carbon through restoration of native habitat via reinstatement of natural processes.

We aim to:

  • Become the benchmark for native habitat restoration projects that address the Nature and Climate Crisis at the same time.
  • Fill a void for multi-habitat schemes where using multiple habitat codes would be over-complex.
  • Be applicable at all scales from national to regional; from Local Authority landholdings to farms, rewilding projects, protected areas, and urban greenspace.
  • Change the landscape of green investment and leverage financing to restore nature at a previously impossible scale in a truly defensible manner.

Wilder Carbon Technical Standards Board

This is a huge but vital undertaking, and we cannot do it alone. In order to maintain our principles for Biodiversity, for Carbon Data and for Ethical investment, we are developing a set of Standards with a group of independent cross sectoral experts.

Acting independently of their current employment, they have been selected due to their extensive experience and alignment with Wilder Carbon principles to act now for nature and the climate crisis, by using the best possible data, in the best possible way.

Any views expressed by our Technical Standards Board Members in this capacity do not reflect their respective businesses or UK Government positions, and the Technical Standards Board is under no obligation to take them on board.

Meet our Standards Board

  • Barbara Sanderson

    Director of Operations at Pure Leapfrog

    Barbara has background in investment management, green finance and impact investing. In her current role, she advises local authorities and businesses on their climate action. She contributes to initiatives on Just Transition, carbon removal and diversity and inclusion.


  • Nick Barter

    Climate change lead within Defra, both mitigation and adaptation. Previously led on the development of the Government’s 25 year plan to improve the environment within a generation.

  • Dan Crockett

    Working in support of a healthy ocean and stable climate, with a particular focus on blue carbon. 

    Development Director, Blue Marine Foundation

  • Charlotte Danvers

    Environmental regulation, policy development and project management. Climate Change and Business Services, Environment Agency

  • Tobias Parker

    Energy and Carbon Management, developing services supporting clients’ ambitions to achieve Net Zero emissions. Director, Anthesis

  • Peter Brotherton

    Director, Specialist Services and Programmes, Lead Director for Climate Change, Natural England

  • Matt Prescott

    Sustainability and climate strategy, and programme implementation. 

    Responsible for setting Net Zero strategy and implementing decarbonisation and carbon removal programmes

  • Samuel Evans

    Lead on Greater Manchester’s 5 year environment plan and heavily involved with the Biodiversity Net gain and carbon agenda.

  • Helen Avery

    Head of Nature Programmes, The Green Finance Institute

    Helen oversees the Institute’s work in mobilising capital into nature. Among the initiatives she works on is the TFND for which the GFI is hosting the Secretariat; the finance sector response to the Dasgupta Review; and supporting the EA and DEFRA on the NEIRF and its broader blended finance ambitions.

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Our pathfinder projects are all land-based. Our aspiration is to be able to make the same offer for marine projects since these habitats hold huge carbon sequestration potential. We are looking for strategic partnerships to make this happen.

The Wilder Carbon Standards will enable us to scale up by working with 3rd party landowners whilst offering greater assurance to investors.

The Standards will be written by a cross-sectoral group of independent experts with knowledge around conservation, carbon, finance, and business in the first half of 2021.

They will be structured around a set of guiding principles.

The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification mechanisms will come out of the technical guidance produced by the Standards Board once the Standards themselves have been set.

We anticipate 2 tiers of Verification, one for Trusted Deliverers and another for 3rd party landowners.

Meanwhile, a community of practice will be formed amongst Trust Delivery bodies to test minimum adequate monitoring of carbon across the portfolio of pathfinder projects which will feed data into the Habitat Tool, and link into Verification procedures going forward. 

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