Data and MRV Advisory Board

Advise and make recommendations to the Technical Standards Board on developments to the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate and associated tools.​

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The Data, Management, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (DMMRV) Advisory Board will support the Technical Standard board with specific focus on:

Ongoing review of the modelling of carbon + uplift prior to project commencement using the Carbon + Habitat Tool to generate minimum defensible estimates.

Ongoing review of the management and monitoring requirements, associated with different habitats covered by the Standard.

Maintain oversight of MRV through projects delivered, which gather actual carbon sequestration or avoided emissions data to compare with the published data being used in the Carbon + Habitat Tool.

Identify potential mechanisms for finessing formal monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) mechanisms soliciting feedback from the Standard Board’s networks to ensure that required levels of assurance are achieved in the most cost-effective, simple manner possible.

Help to design and then oversee initial trials of a more rigorous MRV mechanism with 3rd party landowners as potential mechanisms emerge to do so.

Oversee a review (through the use of the Wilder Carbon Team and/or external contractors) of the best available data in the UK underpinned by the goals of the Technical Standards Board, and publication of the data approach and data quality mechanisms.


  • Brian Eversham

    Brian Eversham (Chair)

    Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs and Northants since 2009. Until 1997, he was Head of Zoology and Research Co-ordinator at the national Biological Records Centre.

  • Mike Longden

    Mike Longden

    Mike is currently finishing a PhD on the ecological and biogeochemical processes involved in restoring peatland functionality. He is also Peatland Programme Technical Lead at Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

  • Emily Warner

    Emily Warner

    Emily is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, based in the Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery and Nature-based Solutions Initiative. Her research focuses on understanding ecosystem function and biodiversity responses to habitat restoration.

  • Andy Grundy

    Andy Grundy

    30 years in nature conservation, renewable energy and sustainable forestry sectors. Now Head of Climate & Landscape in Soil Association’ subsidiary certification body, SA Certification.

  • Matt Amos

    Dr. Matt Amos

    Matt leads the science team at Treeconomy, developing innovative data-driven methods to monitor forests and nature-based carbon removal efforts across the globe.

  • Alex Henshaw

    Dr Alex Henshaw

    Alex is a Reader in Physical Geography at Queen Mary University of London. His research explores how the spatial dynamics of land use change influence environmental processes and ecosystem service delivery.

  • Rob Godfrey

    Observer: Robert Godfrey

    An ecologist and environmental scientist by background, Rob is now the Co-Founder of Treeconomy.

  • Observer: Peter Brotherton

    Director, Specialist Services and Programmes, Lead Director for Climate Change, Natural England

DMMRV Advisory Board Governance

  • DMMRV Advisory Board members will be individually and collectively committed to propose improvements for the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate as set out in the Governance document

    Governance document
  • If you believe nature should lead the way in tackling the climate and nature crises and want to support natural climate solutions here in the UK, apply to join our board members to support the continuous improvement of Wilder Carbon.

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