Corporate Claims Advisory Board

Advise and make recommendations to the Technical Standards Board on developments to the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate and associated tools.​

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The Corporate Claims Advisory Board will support the Technical Standard board with specific focus on:

Ongoing review of the Unit buyer and Investor Eligibility requirements in the Standard. 

Overseeing an external review of the emerging frameworks for environmental and climate reporting.

Ongoing review of emerging markets and buyer appetite to help inform the design of the assurance mechanism, as well as the products generated via Wilder Carbon Projects.

Ongoing review of emerging international Policy and Best Practice to help inform development of the Standard

Ongoing review of political and market advocacy requirements across the UK to provide steer and focus for the Technical Standards Board and Wilder Carbon operational team.


  • Tobias Parker

    Tobias Parker (Chair)

    Energy and Carbon Management, developing services supporting clients’ ambitions to achieve Net Zero emissions.

  • Naomi Conway

    Naomi Conway

    Naomi is Director of National Parks Partnerships (NPP) and Co-Director of Revere.

  • Stuart Leckie

    Stuart Leckie

    Stuart leads Capgemini’s Climate Contribution programme overseeing their investment in high quality nature and climate solutions to abate and remove carbon from beyond their value chain, helping towards a ‘global net zero’.

  • Simon Ware

    Simon Ware

    As a change catalyst & industry advisor passionate about the great outdoors, Simon bridges traditional with the innovative to redefine financial systems for the better, including ESG rating creation and democratisation of market access.

  • Pete Statham

    Pete Statham

    Pete is focused on the role of business in leading the transition to a sustainable future. He leads the sustainability plan & government engagement at Sysco GB.

  • Maddie Millington-Drake

    Senior Climate Project Manager at Blue Marine Foundation

  • Josie Cadwallader-Hughes

    As the Sustainability Director of Thakeham, Josie is responsible for the sustainability strategy of one of the most sustainable community creators.

Corporate Claims Advisory Board Governance

  • Corporate Claims Advisory Board members will be individually and collectively committed to propose improvements for the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate as set out in the Governance document

    Governance document
  • If you believe nature should lead the way in tackling the climate and nature crises and want to support natural climate solutions here in the UK, apply to join our board members to support the continuous improvement of Wilder Carbon.

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