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Wilder Carbon High Integrity Registry

In order to maintain intended voluntary action as set out in the Paris agreement, and to uphold the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate, our unique registry will not only track the progress of Wilder Carbon Certified projects and associated generation and issuance of Wilder Carbon Credits, but also the details and sustainability journey of those who purchase, demonstrating how the purchase of these carbon credits forms part of a much broader strategy to reduce and remove carbon. 

The HIRegistry is an electronic register of Projects, and issuances of EIUs and Wilder Carbon Units. The HIRegistry is also the platform for retiring Wilder Carbon Units to Approved Buyers aiming to reflect Carbon Removal effectively and transparently.

  • Transparency

    The HIRegistry has been designed for granular transparency and traceability with publicly available end-to-end information on projects and matched buyers, linking to full documentation and reporting.

  • Robust Quantification

    Estimated carbon and biodiversity uplift for each Certified Wilder Carbon Project is based upon the best available data, supported by robust monitoring and externally validated.

  • Quality Assurance

    Not only are Wilder Carbon projects Certified by our independent Technical Standard Board made up of independent experts, they are designed, delivered and monitored by industry experts.

  • Maximum Impact

    Wilder Carbon Ltd facilitate the matching of high quality projects, with buyers who are taking action to demonstrably reduce and remove carbon. We are not-for-profit to ensure carbon income enables maximum impact for nature, climate and society.

Policy and Procedures

  • Risk Buffer Policy and Procedure Document

  • Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate Administration Document

  • Wilder Carbon Governance Document