Green marshes at dusk

Trusted Deliverer: Somerset Wildlife Trust

Sleeping ducks on water amongst reed beds at dusk

We've been protecting and preserving Somerset’s wildlife and wild places for over 50 years. With over 21,000 members, we are the largest conservation charity in the county.  Our landholding of over 1,700 hectares incorporates a diverse range of habitats  

from wetlands to woodlands, grasslands and meadows, and provide secure environments for a diverse range of wildlife such as dormice, otters, hedgehogs, barn owls and many other species. Alongside our members and volunteers, we work year-round to protect wildlife, transform landscapes and put nature back into people’s lives.   

Somerset is on the front lines of climate change. The Somerset Levels are low lying and face an uncertain future as water levels rise. Arable farming on peat soils, including maize growing and continued peat extraction on the Levels, create a challenging context for the county to tackle climate change.

Somerset Wildlife Trust will purchase Honeygar Farm, almost 200 acres of dairy farm with degraded peat soils that are emitting large amounts of carbon and methane, and explore how to deliver nature’s recovery through natural solutions starting with rewetting the peat soils and turning Honeygar into a carbon sink.

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