Underwater eel grass
Polly Whyte
Research & Development
Wilder Solent – Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Solent Seagrass

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is working to restore seagrass meadows throughout the Solent. Our research & development project will establish the potential for restoring this incredible “blue carbon” nature-based climate solution and at the same time help declining marine wildlife thrive once more.



Under water eel grass bed
Paul Naylor

Project Vision

Wilder Solent

Seagrass is an amazing native marine plant that provides an impressive list of environmental services – supplying vital habitat for wildlife, supporting fisheries, protecting our shores from erosion, and storing carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. Sadly, this natural wonder has suffered significant declines over the past century. Our vision is to see seagrass habitats in the Solent restored to their historical levels and for seagrass to be present in all locations that could support it. By regenerating seagrass habitats, supporting increased biodiversity and sustainable fisheries, promoting greater ecosystem services we will create a Wilder Solent.

under water Sea Hare in eel grass
Paul Naylor

The Aim

Research and Development

To deliver this vision for a Wilder Solent we need to undertake seagrass restoration trials to determine the potential for carbon sequestration and restoration at scale along with wider ecosystem benefits.    

We have secured initial funding for the first phase of research & development, which will support our lead Marine Biologist part-time, along with trained volunteers to assist with the trials. With more investment we could expand our marine work to allow us to fully realise the potential of Blue Carbon in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.   

Investors wishing to support our marine work would be at the forefront of developing the potential for innovative blue carbon nature-based solutions in the busy south east of England and be first in line to reap the benefits – a huge opportunity to show leadership at this time of climate and nature emergency.   

Speak to our Delivery Team

Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

  • Evan Bowen-Jones
    Evan Bowen Jones
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Paul Hadaway
    Head of Implementation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Project Manager
  • Dan Wynn
    Dan Wynn
    Head of NBS
  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson
    NBS Manager
  • Robbie Still
    Robbie Still
    Head of Digital Development
  • Helen Gillespie-Brown
    Business Development Manager
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