natural stream in front of mountain in the day time

Our Pathfinder Projects

Wilder Carbon is all about scaling up native habitat restoration here in the UK.

Our Pathfinder projects are all Carbon+ which means that they deliver multiple benefits: locking up carbon and increasing wildlife as well as benefiting people and communities e.g. flood prevention.

They are already investible because they are based on the Wilder Carbon principle of using the best available data through the Wilder Carbon recommended Carbon + Habitat Tool.

Our Project Portfolio includes both Pilot Delivery Projects where good carbon data is available, and Research and Development Projects where this data standard cannot yet be met.

The most obvious example of this is Marine Projects which are a massive untapped opportunity but required significant additional research.


Speak to our Delivery Team

Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

  • Evan Bowen Jones
    Evan Bowen Jones
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Paul Hadaway
    Director of Conservation
  • Richard Bloor
    Richard Bloor
    Head of Wilder Solutions
  • Lucie Bolton
    Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Isabelle Irani
    Head of Wilder Investment, Sumerian Foundation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Project Manager