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Wilder Blean is a flagship project for Kent Wildlife Trust pioneering first use of European bison as woodland graziers in the UK to create a more diverse, wilded woodland





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Project Vision

Wilder Blean Landscape Project

The Wilder Blean Project is a flagship project exploring the impacts of large grazing animals within 1000acres of lowland English woodland, the first of its kind to use European bison and Iron-age pigs alongside traditional rare breeds such as long-horn cattle and Exmoor ponies. The creation of a more dynamic woodland ecosystem with disturbed areas and greater diversity of vegetation types will provide significant impacts for both wildlife and carbon sequestration. 

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Ray Lewis

The Aim

Research & Development

A key cornerstone of the Wilder Blean project is exhaustive monitoring of the ecological impacts of the project within the woodland area. Kent Wildlife Trust have also identified the opportunity to extend this approach to include monitoring of the carbon sequestration impacts of wilding this woodland. There is now an opportunity to invest in the research supporting this innovative project.  

An essential elements of the monitoring programme is soil organic carbon monitoring and analysis (collecting robust spatial data to quantify and map soil organic carbon content in relation to grazing treatment and habitat) to potentially generate evidence to support wilding as a delivery mechanism for Wilder Carbon. This will make use of both cutting edge remote sensing technology and more detailed measurement of carbon change over time. 

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Our delivery team consists of in-house experts who can talk to you about your Wilder Carbon investment.

  • Evan Bowen-Jones
    Evan Bowen Jones
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Paul Hadaway
    Head of Implementation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Sarah Brownlie
    Project Manager
  • Dan Wynn
    Dan Wynn
    Head of NBS
  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson
    NBS Manager
  • Robbie Still
    Robbie Still
    Digital Development Manager

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