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Somerset Levels – Somerset Wildlife Trust

Honeygar Farm

The acquisition and restoration of a 46.5ha former dairy farm at the heart of the Somerset Levels. This project will include the restoration of grazing marsh, wetlands and relic fen and as a demonstration of delivering nature-based solutions. Part of an interlinked network of internationally important wetlands forming the Avalon Marshes area of Somerset’s Levels and Moors.





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Project Vision

Avalon Marshes (Somerset Levels and Moors)

The Avalon Marshes is one of the finest remaining lowland wetlands in Britain and a critical home for vulnerable and rare wetland birds including the elusive bittern. In January 2021 Somerset Wildlife Trust agreed the purchase of Honeygar farm as a site to focus natural habitat restoration of fenland and wetland, increasing carbon sequestration and to be used as a demonstration site to other landowners, managers and communities. 

Green marshes at dusk

The Aim

Re-wild, Re-wet & demonstration

This supports the Somerset WT vision for the Avalon Marshes, using (re)wilding opportunities, natural regeneration to drive the re-wetting of land. The project will also allow us to record, investigate and understand in detail the relationship between wilding ecosystems and carbon capture for lowland peatland and to forge partnerships to stimulate a new economic model for the Somerset Levels that puts nature-based solutions at its heart.

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  • Evan Bowen Jones
    Managing Director
  • Paul Hadaway
    Director of Conservation
  • Richard Bloor
    Head of Wilder Solutions
  • Julia Hunt
    Head of Advocacy
  • Isabelle Irani
    Head of Wilder Investment, Sumerian Foundation
  • Sarah Brownlie
    Executive Assistant

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